I was having headaches and went in to see Dr. Elliott. With his help, I do not have these headaches any more. Dr. Elliott treated me, and referred me to his massage therapist for additional care. His staff is so professional and helpful, I recommend Dr. Elliott to all of my friends.

– Michelle, Grand Rapids, MI

Doc and his staff are hands down the best. From someone that currently works full time and then some and has climbed afghanistans mountains and has nothing but damage my back and body. Highly recommend not only for adjustments but for his knowledge and care for the long term health you’re body. Thank you doc, see you monday!

– Tommy

Dr. Elliot is a master at the craft of chiropractic care. The real deal. Knows the body, has the healing touch and will not waste your time or money.

– Rachel

Dr. Elliott is great! I’ve been to SO many Chiropractors in the last few years with back issues and neck problems, and haven’t been able to find an office I love and feel comfortable at. During my first visit I knew that this would be the Chiro I wanted to work with. He has helped me so much in just a matter of weeks.

– Paige